Common Thermostat Issues

October 10, 2019

Do you suspect your thermostat isn’t working correctly? You may be correct, but a professional will have to inspect the system to know for sure if this is the cause behind your indoor comfort problems. Three of the possible thermostat issues you may be experiencing are inaccurate readings, failure to reach the set temperature and cycling beyond the set temperature.

Inaccurate Reading

If your thermostat is placed in an area where it receives direct sunlight or is too close to a heat source, it may give inaccurate readings. You may find that your home is too cold when the thermostat is in direct sunlight or too close to a heat source. When the thermostat isn’t located in a central location, it may result in uneven heating and cooling throughout your home. Another reason your thermostat may give inaccurate readings is when it’s old and in need of being replaced.

Never Reaches the Set Temperature

If someone has bumped into the thermostat, they may have knocked it off level. This can result in the temperature failing to reach set temperatures. Dirt buildup inside the thermostat can cause similar problems. In a mechanical thermostat, the heat anticipator might be stuck.

Continues Running Beyond the Set Temperature

Your thermostat most likely needs to be repaired or replaced if your heating or cooling system continues running well beyond the set temperature. Thermostats, just like your heating and cooling system, should be replaced after around 10 years. At Air Patrol Air Conditioning, Heating & Fireplaces in Farmers Branch, TX, we can diagnose your thermostat issues. We have the necessary knowledge to pinpoint the real cause behind your thermostat and indoor comfort problems.

In addition to heating and cooling repairs and installations, our company handles whole-home audits, indoor air quality projects, and more. We also offer service plans designed to help you save money on keeping your heating and cooling appliances in good condition. Contact us today if you want to fix your thermostat issues or need our other services.