3 Ways to Stop Static Electricity at Home

June 25, 2019

Colder, dryer weather often goes hand-in-hand with a noticeable increase in static electricity. If you’ve received small shocks or sparks when you flip a light switch or shuffle your socked feet on the carpet, then you’ve got definitely got static electricity in your home. Luckily, you can cut down on this nuisance in a few simple ways.

1. Add Moisture to the Air

One of the most effective ways to counteract static electricity is to increase the humidity level in your home. Our Air Patrol Air Conditioning, Heating & Fireplaces experts recommend using a humidifier, which is a device that heats up water and releases vapor to add moisture to your home’s dry air. The more moisture the humidifier adds to the air, the less static you’ll notice.

2. Use Dryer Sheets

When static electricity builds up in your clothes, you’ll notice it makes the cloth stick to your body and your hair stand on end. You can reduce static by using dryer sheets. If you still notice static, you can toss a damp washcloth into the dryer for the last couple of minutes before the cycle end. This adds a bit of moisture back into the air to eliminate static.

3. Use Anti-Static Spray

Anti-static spray is the perfect tool to fight static on the carpet, couches, or other large furniture items. You can buy anti-static spray at most big box retail stores or make your own by mixing a small amount of fabric softener with water. Once a day, simply spritz down your static-prone furniture items until you notice a reduction of static shocks.

Your Local Heating and Cooling Experts

When cold weather saps moisture from the air and introduces pesky static to your home, try these three tips to bring comfort back to your life. For everything else, the skilled technicians at Air Patrol Air Conditioning, Heating & Fireplaces are only a phone call away. We provide expert heating and cooling services throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Our crew can handle repair, installation, replacement and routine maintenance. Call our office in Farmers Branch, TX, today!