P36 Panorama

P36The P36 Fireplace offers over 25 different ways to create your own unique fireplace. See the complete list of options and let your imagination run wild with the endless possibilities they present. You can install your Panorama Fireplace in almost any room in your home. Since it can vent directly from the fireplace to the outside of your home, you will no longer have the expense of building or lining a full chimney system. Your room will be enhanced with the warm glow of a slim fire. If space allows, select the dep fire and enjoy viewing a larger fire area.

Details of the P36 Panorama Fireplace:

Brand Name: Regency
Catalog ID:P36
Height: 30.5″
Length: 13 ” or17″
Width: 36″

  • Glass or Screen bayfront
  • Black, gold or brushed steel louvers
  • Barcelona surround door
  • Full-screen door
  • Variable speed blower
  • Remote control
  • Deep or Slim firebox
  • Heatwave kit
  • Heat release kit
  • Brick Panels (6 options)